Game Drives

At Mwagusi Safari Camp, we are serious about safari, and offer our guests excellent game drives and walks. There are two daily game drives, one early morning drive and one late afternoon drive taking advantage of the cooler temperatures when the animals are most active.

Flexibility is key at Mwagusi and you can choose the time and length of your game drives (from a 6 hour early morning drive, other shorter 2-3 hour drives or a full-day drive with picnic lunch). You will be accompanied by one of our excellent and knowledgeable guides and an experienced driver.

Our vehicles are specially adapted open sided 4WD vehicles each with comfortable seats and high shade awning to enable one to stand and still be in the shade whilst game viewing. Each vehicle is equipped with reference books, beanbags for photography, drinks and all the necessities for a day in the bush. All vehicles carry radios for communication with the camp.

Guided Safari Walk

Set out on foot on one of our guided safari walks for an interesting and different perspective of the African bush. A guided safari walk allows you to pass quietly through the bush, creating a unique experience with nature and the wildlife.

You can also get to know and understand the different elements of the African wilderness, learning about plants and trees and their local medicinal uses as well as birds, insects, and smaller mammals.

The guided safari walk is a 2-3 hour walk where you will be accompanied by one our experienced guides as well as an armed Parks Board ranger for safety. Please note: The guided safari walk carries a 16-year-old age restriction.

Camp Bird Walk

We also offer an early morning bird walk that takes place in and around camp premises. Here you can gain insight into the nocturnal animals that left their tracks around your tent in the night!

And also learn about birds, insects, trees, plants and the animals. The bird walk is a 45-minute walk starting soon after sunrise that gets you in the mood for a big hearty camp breakfast.