Natural Surroundings

Enjoy your safari holiday in a camp that is built in harmony and balance with its environment. Mwagusi Safari Camp blends unobtrusively with its surroundings with natural thatch, stone and reed. The camp operates with little impact on the environment with solar powered lights and hot water.

All fresh produce is bought from the local market and local farmers in the area. Food is made fresh each day using the simplest and purest ingredients. Leftover foodstuffs are used in our on-site compost pits and the rich fertilizer taken back to the nearest town of Iringa and used for vegetable, garden and herb growth. Drinking water is supplied by two borehole wells dug within camp premises which is boiled and filtered and perfectly safe to drink.

Our passionate and attentive staff strive to make guests feel welcome and provide an opportunity to share in their love for Africa.