Weekly updates 23-30 September 2013

What a busy week it has been at Mwagusi. Busy in terms of game viewing that is. Guests have been really privileged to see all of the three big cats during an afternoon drive, on more than one occasion. Heading out on Thursday our guests witnessed a male cheetah feeding on an impala, a single leopard resting away the day’s heat in a big baobab tree and lions feasting intensely on a zebra carcass. What more could you ask for on an afternoon game drive around Africa’s best-kept secret, Ruaha National Park.

If you have been fortunate enough to stay at Mwagusi Safari Camp, you will understand when we say that Ruaha National Park is an undiscovered ‘gem’ when it comes to game viewing. By this we mean game viewing in all aspects. Guests are awoken at early hours of the morning with a choice of either tea, coffee or fresh orange juice. Guides are then ready with their trusty land cruisers at 06h30 to head out and explore the parks magnificent surprises as some of our guests will inform you, should your paths ever cross. Big cats are not the only things that have excited both guests and the Mwagusi team.

Elephants have graced us with their presence on daily occasions, once following our Head Chef Merrew down the paths, perhaps looking for a taste of Mwagusi’s great African style dishes. A female leopard has also been wondering around the camp during evenings where staff members were fortunate to get a quick glimpse of the rosette covered feline.

As September ends, temperatures rise above 35°C on a daily basis. Clouds are beginning to develop, but are very patchy and it may only be a tease to us awaiting the November rains. The yellow season (dry season) encourages animals to move down to the river on a daily basis where guests witness action between predators and prey. Great birds have been seen on drives. The Pygmy falcon was seen in the savannah thicket and a pair of Crowned Cranes along the Great Ruaha River. As the end of the year approaches, so should the migrant birds. We look forward to seeing you in Camp for great adventures.