Staff Training

At Mwagusi Camp, we are committed to the training and upliftment of the people of Tanzania. Most of the members of our staff come from rural communities and during employment with us find themselves not only making a living but also learning an array of useful skills.

We believe in the importance of cross-training to ensure our staff have the various skills needed to survive under any circumstance. All staff get regular exposure and on-the-job training in various activities and departments. Through on-the-job training, employees rotate through various departments, shadowing more experienced staff members and learning new trades and skills.

All members of staff are encouraged to learn and attend the classes of our grass-roots wildlife training programme. Here all members of staff can learn more about the environment in which they work and live and gain a better understanding of animal behaviour and bush wildlife. English classes are also conducted on a daily basis where all members of staff are encouraged to attend to improve their ability to converse in English.